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Going back to grassland

Wednesday February 9, 2011
CALLUM Fraser had one eye firmly on Melbourne's pre-settlement ecology when contemplating his design for an apartment block in the city's west end.

Record month of heat and rain

Monday November 30, 2009
MELBOURNE is all but guaranteed to post its hottest November on record, in a month of strange weather that has produced above-average rainfall.

More Loss Than Gain As Urban Sprawl Encroaches On Open Plains Grasslands

Saturday May 31, 2008
GRASS has an image problem. Witness the demise of the suburban back lawn, one of the first victims of escalating water restrictions.

Where Have All The Grasslands Gone?

Monday November 14, 2005
Melbourne's native grasslands are disappearing at an alarming rate, writes Geoff Maslen.

Entitling The Bush

Wednesday October 20, 2004
One way to protect native grasslands and forest on private land is to use a covenant. Mary Ryllis Clark reports.

Why Is It Important To Look After Our Environment?

Tuesday December 3, 2002
Analeighsha Cairney - Yr 3 So the animals in the sea and the grasslands and the rainforests are healthy and well.

Grasslands Get Protection

Friday September 28, 2001
Two new reserves will be declared today to protect Victoria's critically endangered native northern plains grasslands.

Frogs Free To Mate, But Gas Bans Stay

Wednesday September 12, 2001
The Victorian Trades Hall has vowed to retain bans on the construction of a gas pipeline through swamp and native grasslands at Craigieburn despite assurances from Premier Steve Bracks that a colony of rare frogs inhabiting the area would not be affected by works.

Gas Pipe Ban Stays To Spare Rare Frog

Tuesday September 11, 2001
The Victorian Government and construction unions are on a collision course over a decision to allow a gas pipeline to be built through native grasslands on Melbourne's northern fringe, the habitat of a rare frog.

Unions Ban Work To Save A Rare Frog

Saturday September 1, 2001
Building unions say a proposed pipeline will harm native grasslands.

Mongolian Grasslands Turn To Sand

Saturday June 16, 2001
Desperate families try to eke out a living on the parched steppes.

Parks Threat

Tuesday March 6, 2001
Almost 80 per cent of Victoria's ecological communities, such as grasslands and wetlands, are threatened or near-threatened, according to a Victorian National Parks Association report released yesterday.

The Man Rides Again As Brumbies Cut Loose In The Top Paddock

Monday January 15, 2001
The current Man from Snowy River, Ted Taylor, and his 27-year-old horse, Jaheel, survey the high country around Currango Station in Kosciuszko National Park as the experts ponder what to do about brumbies that have strayed from the timbered slopes into the grasslands, threatening fragile alpine plan

Chasing Girls. Then Sheep

Sunday October 22, 2000
The Khazak people of north-western China have made a fine art of horsing around reports James Shrimpton. EVERY summer, when the flowers are abloom on the grasslands of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, courting couples play a game on horseback, the name of which can be roughly translated as ``g

Scientists Fight Freeway To Save Rare Grasslands

Sunday September 24, 2000
Victoria's leading experts on the state's most endangered ecosystem are appealing to the State Government to drop plans to build a freeway through remnants of the system along the Merri Creek at Craigieburn. The 16 scientists from universities, consultancies and local government felt they could n

China Mobilises Its Quack Commandos

Thursday July 13, 2000
Beijing: An army, it is said, marches on its stomach. But China has raised a new army, almost a million strong, that will waddle on its stomach. In the far western province of Xinjiang, 700,000 specially trained ducks and chickens have been let loose on the grasslands in a counter-attack again

The Animal Kingdom Brought To You

Friday June 30, 2000
YOU don't have to go to Africa to see giraffe and elephants roaming across the grasslands. And you don't have to struggle through the jungles of South America to see the endangered maned wolf. You can see them ? and a lot more ? in just one day, during a visit to the Western Plains Zoo at Dub

China Struggles With Degraded Nature

Tuesday June 6, 2000
BEIJING China's environmental report card for the past year shows the world's most populous nation is struggling to cope with the continuing degradation of its natural resources. Badly polluted rivers, high levels of urban air pollution, degradation of arable grasslands, desertification and a

For Some Butterflies, Life's But A Flutter

Wednesday October 27, 1999
Spurred by an increase in the number of threatened butterfly species in Australia, scientists are holding a series of workshops intended to protect the fragile insects. More than 400 butterfly species flit around Australia's grasslands and forests but many are in remote areas or in such low numbe

Resorts Give Mountain Bikers A Lift

Saturday October 2, 1999
THE WILDFLOWERS will be breaking through soon, pygmy possums will be scurrying across grasslands and the rivers will be flowing faster as they fill with the snowmelt. The change of season is in full swing in Victoria's high country and any meaningful skiing and snowboarding from now on will be ov

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